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Cancer From A to Z with Dr. Rosalyn Morrell

Oct 18, 2022

Caregiving can be one of the most important roles a person can take on. These amazing individuals really step up and take on the responsibility of taking care of those who have been diagnosed with chronic illnesses or acute illnesses. In this episode, I wanted to bring these often unsung heroes into the spotlight and share some of the incredible work they do behind the scenes.

Listen in to learn about the role caregivers have, some of the challenges and issues surrounding caregiving, and what caregivers can do to set themselves up for success. You will hear some of the key responsibilities that caregivers take on and come out with a better understanding of everything that’s involved with caregiving.


What You’ll Learn:

  • Why I believe caregivers are some of the most important people in the lives of those with cancer. (1:51)
  • What is involved with caregiving? (3:10)
  • Addressing the daily stress of being a caregiver. (7:27)
  • The importance of sharing the responsibilities of caregiving. (9:16)
  • Social workers or professional caregivers play a critical role. (10:30)
  • The different types of caregivers. (11:42)
  • List-making can help caregivers prioritize the most important tasks. (13:30)
  • Learning about the disease can help caregivers have a better understanding of what the patient is going through. (15:59) 
  • Physical care might not be as intuitive as you might think. (17:45)
  • What will be covered in the next episode, Caregiving 101, Part 2. (19:45)


Ideas Worth Sharing:

“There can be quite a bit that’s involved with caregiving, including (1) helping to make appointments…(2) administering medications…(3) [helping] with meals or cleaning…(4) [helping] to manage side effects…(5) helping with insurance and paying bills…(6) daily activities…and (7) running errands.” - Dr. Rosalyn Morrell


“One of the most important things about being a caregiver is you have to remember to take care of yourself.” - Dr. Rosalyn Morrell


“Communication is really important [when it comes to caregiving]. If there’s a breakdown in communication, all types of [unexpected] things can happen.” - Dr. Rosalyn Morrell



  • Rosalyn Morrell, MD: Website