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Cancer From A to Z with Dr. Rosalyn Morrell

Sep 27, 2022

Getting a cancer diagnosis is never easy especially if it comes without warning. My guest today is JW Cheatham, a prostate cancer survivor, and a family friend. JW is Project Compliance and Management Consultant who has spent the last 25 years in the Space Satellite Technology field. Hearing about someone’s cancer journey can really help convey a different aspect or a unique viewpoint from that of someone such as myself.

Listen in as JW reveals what his experience was like going through his own cancer journey and his advice for others on a similar path. You will hear how JW came to his “pause point” when he found out he had cancer, how he weighed his options for treatment, and what life was like after his prostatectomy. He also shares why he believes it’s crucial to get a full health check-up early on rather than waiting till later in life.


What You’ll Learn:

  • Why I think it’s important to have interviews with people who’ve gone through their own cancer journey. (2:12)
  • What to look out for when approaching retirement age, medically speaking. (4:13)
  • Reasons why it’s critical to have the prostate gland checked periodically. (8:02)
  • JW reveals how his health care provider explained JW’s Gleason Score. (9:25)
  • The value of talking to others around us about what we’re going through. (13:05)
  • JW wasn’t overwhelmed with all of the options and where he was with his decision on how to move forward. (18:11)
  • The possibility of recurrence after JW’s surgery. (20:02)
  • Life after surgery. (23:23)
  • Although JW was informed about what he would expect after surgery, he feels the details weren’t there. (27:24)
  • The pre-op discussion about the differences between incontinence and erectile dysfunction. (30:21)
  • The importance of honesty in healthcare. (32:45)
  • How JW is feeling today and what advice he’s given to others. (35:17)
  • Incontinence was easier for JW at night. (38:50)
  • The difficulties of dealing with erectile dysfunction. (42:30)
  • Talking about “it” helps you get over “it.” (45:01)
  • The benefits of connecting with others who’ve gone through similar experiences. (47:44)
  • JW shares his final thoughts. (51:12)


Ideas Worth Sharing:

“We’re always looking for pain as an indicator that you have a problem of some sort, and that was not really the case.” - JW Cheatham


“There’s a pause point that you get to when someone says, ‘You have cancer.’ It makes you stop.” - JW Cheatham


“I think it’s better to talk to people every chance you get [about what you’re going through].” - JW Cheatham


“Your body has its own time to heal… [but] you have to get past your own thoughts.” - JW Cheatham


“I think it’s really important as healthcare providers that we be very honest about what are the potential side effects [and] what are the potential toxicities associated with our treatment.” - Dr. Rosalyn Morrell